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Welcome to Clow Exo Guardians! Here you will fnd everything you need to know about Cardcaptor Sakura! Enjoy!


I told you I won't be updating for a long time! Anyway, I have edited the navigation a bit as you can see. I am also trying to do like an enter page (you know, when you click enter and then all the text and navigation comes up?) Hope I will succeed in doing that as it will attract more visitors! (Hopefully) ^)^


I will not be updating much, I am too busy. But, once again we changed our theme! Because of this change, we will not be changing it again for a long time.... Seen the goodies page? Its full of CCS episodes... online! no download fees or anything, just watch it in this website from Youtube! Thanks Youtube!


Our theme is Fall. It doesn't look like it, but it is. Our main colour is Blue.

This site will feature Episode Guide, Characters and more!